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DIY Coloring Pattern Designs

Hand Drawn DIY Coloring Patterns

Drawing is easy when you know how! We’ll show you the simple techniques to navigate your geometric coloring pattern designs using our step-by-step tutorials.

Below is our growing collection of DIY geometric coloring pattern designs with step-by-step drawing tutorials starting with beginner patterns mandala style. If you’re new to the Geomegic Method try the beginner patterns first. They will give you an idea, how you can start designing and easily drawing your own, unique coloring patterns.

Start by downloading and printing our grid pages. Then follow the step-by-step instructional videos or picture tutorials found on the page for each pattern.

To color the patterns, choose just 2-3 of your favorite colors and color away. Sample designs and color combinations can be found on each pattern page below the instructions in the “Sample Coloring Designs” Section. Obviously, we are partial to purples, magentas, pinks, and turquoise so we color with these colors a lot and enjoy it very much.

Visit the Tools and Paper recommendations page to see what paper products and coloring pens we love, use and recommend.

Beginner Patterns (Mandala Style)

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