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Coloring Tips – Choosing Colors

Picking good-looking colors for your coloring page or even clothing and home decor is easy with this simple tip.

Let’s talk about choosing good-looking color combinations for geometric coloring patterns. This approach works well for any abstract coloring pattern, geometric pattern or mandala.

In the past I never knew how to pick colors that would look good together. Not for my clothing, not for coloring page. This changed when I heard this advice from a professional artist:

If you don’t know how to combine colors – see how colors are combined in nature.

In nature colors always look good. So whenever you are out in nature and something catches your eye and inspires you to take a picture notice what is it that caught your attention. Is it a beautiful blue color of the sky or the ocean? Is it a gentle pink flower that looks amazing against the background of green leaves?

Here is a few coloring combinations I picked from the pictures I took recently while being outside and enjoying the nature.


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