Paper and Tools

General Recommendations

Geomegic method does not require any special tools or paper. You can use any pen or paper you have available at home. However, having nice tools and high-quality paper makes the drawing and coloring experience that much more enjoyable. Nice and smooth paper that does not buckle when heavily colored and felt tip pens that just glide evenly and easily. It’s just another level!

Below are our tried and true paper and drawing and coloring tools we use, love and recommend. Consider purchasing these tools through this page. This will help us earn a small commission with no effect on a price for you so we can continue bringing you more free and valuable content you find on this website.


    • Look for thick paper or thin card stock of 80-120lb text 120-200 gsm (see Paper Weight Guide) – view on Amazon
    • For 4″ x 6″ inch index card look for blank cards or use the other side or regular ruled index card – view on Amazon
    • Thicker paper/card stock won’t bleed or buckle when heavily colored and your masterpiece will look nice and can be framed and displayed.
    • Refer to the Paper Weight Guide to understand paper weight and text vs. cover conversion. The recommended weight and type – 80-120lb text 120-200 gsm – is suitable for most printers, see highlighted. Anything thicker may be too thick for home or office printer. Anything lighter is just a regular printer paper

Black and Coloring pens

  • Look for odorless, acid-free pens – view on Amazon
  • Colors will look nice, bright, and won’t fade away
  • Healthy for you and for the environment

Geomegic Starter Kit

Visit our page where we created the Geomegic Starter Kit with the tools we use, love, and recommend.

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