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“Dark Matter” coloring pattern


This easy and fun geometric coloring pattern is inspired by the symbol from TV Show “Dark Matter” . The symbol appears a few times in Episode 12 (season 2).

In the show, the pattern belonged to Ishida Royal family and it appeared a few times in the episode as the decoration of the various elements in the interior and clothing. Like double sliding door decoration (1st image below), window decoration (2nd image below) and throne room decoration (3rd image). It also appeared on the clothing of the royal army and on various screens and displays of the royal fleet spaceship. As you can see on the images below, you can draw this pattern mandala style or a full page pattern style.


This pattern is a hexagon-based pattern and it’s very easy to draw using a triangle grid. Here is what I came up with. It was fun to draw and color. Give it a try.

  • Download Triangle Grid Canvas Page and print it out
  • Grab a pen and draw the pattern following the steps in the pictures below
  • Use the black marker to make your lines thicker and more prominent.
  • Color the pattern with 3 shades of any color (I used pink) or any other color combination you like
  • Have fun!

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Did you try this pattern?

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