Terms of Use

Here are some rules for what you can and cannot do with the free downloads (patterns and grid pages) from Geomegic.

The patterns, as well as anything free you get from Geomegic.com, are for your personal use and enjoyment. You can print grid pages as much as you want, you can draw the patterns as much as you want. You can share them with your friends and family, use them in classroom creative projects and your individual craft projects.

However, you cannot reproduce these images in whole or in part to create items to sell, including print on demand services. Downloaded grid pages can be distributed freely as long as you give us credit.

We hope our patterns inspire you to create your own. Your work is entirely yours and you can use it as you wish however if you create items using Geomegic drawing method and distribute these items to the public freely or commercially please give us an appropriate credit.

More about Geomegic

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