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Terms of Use

Intellectual Property Guidelines

We believe that anyone can be creative and create unique and inspired art. We offer creative ideas and support your creative efforts. We are also responsible for the integrity of our trademarks and copyrights.

Here are some rules for what you can and cannot do with the free materials, including patterns, step-by-step instructional materials and printable grid pages pdf files that you can find on Geomegic and our Social Media outlets.

The patterns, as well as any other free resources you get from Geomegic.com, are for your personal use and enjoyment. You can print grid pages as much as you want, you can draw our patterns as much as you want. You can share them with your friends and family, use them in classroom creative projects and your individual craft projects.

However, you cannot reproduce these images in whole or in part to create items to sell, including education programs and materials and print on demand services. Downloaded grid pages can be distributed freely as long as you give us credit.

We hope our patterns inspire you to create your own. Your work is entirely yours and you can use it as you wish however if you create items using Geomegic drawing method and distribute these items to the public freely or commercially please give us an appropriate credit as specified below.

Credits and Mentions

If and when appropriate, please provide a reference and link to our website. This is not required, but we appreciate the shout-out or and will give you all the praise in return. Some of our work is inspired by other creators and we always give appropriate credit, we’d like that same courtesy from you.

To describe Geomegic method you can use the following phrase:

The Geomegic® is an easy and intuitive geometric pattern design and coloring method. Geomegic means Geometry Magic. The geometric grid is where the magic happens. “Geomegic” is a registered trademark of Geomegic, Inc. Learn more at Geomegic.com.


“Geomegic”® is a registered trademark of Geomegic, Inc. and the company’s respective owners.

When referring to Geomegic, please use the ‘registered trademark sigh’ – “®” after “Geomegic” in your first mention of the word which would indicate that “Geomegic” is a registered trademark.


Geomegic® materials, including our patterns, coloring designs, and instructional resources on this site, in pdf files and social outlets, are covered by copyright which is owned by Geomegic, Inc. All rights reserved.

Please obtain our written permission:

  1. To use the name “Geomegic” as part of a product/service name. ie. geomegicpatterns.com
  2. To use the name “Geomegic” in your product/service description. i.e. Geometry lesson where isometric geometry is studied via the drawing of Geomegic patterns on triangle grid.

These guidelines are subject to updates and revisions at any time.

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