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“Squared!” Coloring Pattern

Don’t you just love when you can say “Squared!” about something? It means sorted, completed, done. I certainly do!

Well, here is the pattern that I named “Squared!”. This pattern is based on a square (or rhombic) grid or you can use bullet journal page or just a regular quad graph paper and is a fun project to do because of practically endless combinations of the ways you can position elements of this pattern on your page. Clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down left and right or mix and match all of these styles.

It all started with me playing around with the square dot grid, drawing simple shapes on it and coloring with the favorite colors. Sometimes you just need to color something with your favorite colors even if it’s something very simple. Here is the first working version of the pattern I came up with:

Here is how to draw this pattern

Sample Color Combinations and Designs

Did you try this pattern?

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