“Shattered” Coloring Pattern

Shuttered Coloring Pattern

This coloring pattern is the epitome of Geomegic method, simple yet, fun, versatile and more importantly easy so anyone can do it! It looks good colored with just 2 or 3 colors. It started as usually with simple doodling on quad graph paper. So the idea of this pattern, in fact, the entire series of patterns that came out of the original doodle, is very simple. Following the lines of your grid you first draw a simple shape, a square, a triangle, or a hexagon, then you draw another one around it and then you connect adjacent corners to make a final element. And then you repeat the same process over and over until the entire page is filled with the pattern. You can also do mandala style pattern, just check the Triangle Grid Version 2 (Triangle) below.

Square Grid Version

Here is how to draw square grid version of this pattern step by step. Nested squares can be drawn on Square or Rhombic Grid pages. You can also use regular quad graph paper or bullet journal (bujo) page. Here are a few designs and color combos I came up with.

Tip: Try drawing 3 or even 4 nested squares, see what happens!




Square Grid version on Instagram

Triangle Gid Version 1 (Hexagon)

This is a version of the same pattern idea, this time nested hexagons with adjacent corners connected, on a triangle dot grid. Download and print out the triangle dot grid page or if you happened to have an isometric graph paper laying around you can use that to play with this pattern.


Triangle Grid Hexagon version on Instagram

Triangle Grid Version 2 (Triangle) 

This time we are using triangles and what a fun and versatile pattern this turned out to be. Check out the mandala style design below! It turned out to look just like Allium Bloom (Garlic flower)!

Triangle Grid Triangle version on Instagram

More Design Ideas

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