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Quick Patterns

Can’t concentrate? Don’t have time? A quick coloring project that takes just 10-15 minutes can be a great solution if you find it challenging to stay focused for prolonged periods of time. Or maybe you just don’t have a lot of time but still, want to do a finished project. So instead of doing a large, full-page pattern, you can do a smaller size project. I’ve been really enjoying these coloring “quickies” lately so I thought I’d share it with you.

I got this idea sort of by accident. I happened to have a box of white square notes that I use to try out different pattern ideas or color combinations. After a while, I realized that I really love these quick projects on their own. They are quick and fun, do not take a lot of time or require too much effort. I have quite a collection of them right now.

To simplify a task for you – chances are you do not have these same small paper notes (I myself fear I will run out of them soon!) – I’ve created a couple of printable pdf files with various smaller, note-size grids. You can find them together with other grid pages at downloads page and here they are as well.

Notes (NEW!)

(4 3¾ x 3¾ notes on A4 format, 8.5×11 inches)

Triangle Dot and Grid Notes


Square and Rhombic Dot Notes


Project ideas for smaller size grids

Any patterns on this website can be turned into a quick coloring project. Below is the gallery with various patterns that were created on the smaller size grid page.

More project ideas

This project on Instagram

Did you try this pattern?

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