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Improve your Affirmation Practice with Coloring

Practicing daily affirmations can be a powerful tool to bring change into one’s life. But for some people, it’s not as simple or as engaging to just sitting still and repeating affirmations in their mind. Here’s a quick tip how to use drawing and coloring to make your affirmation practice more fun, engaging and therefore more effective.

Take a piece of paper or open a page in your bulleted journal. Write down a phrase that represents a thought or an idea you’d like to focus on during your meditation or affirmation practice, in the middle of the page. Then draw a pattern around it thinking about your phrase and what it represents for you.

For example, if you’d like to focus on abundance and prosperity, write down “All good things come to me easily” or any other phrase, it’s best if the phrase comes from you, in your own words. Then draw a pattern around your phrase. It can be a geometric and symmetrical pattern or anything at all. Simple shapes, circles, squares, stars and hearts or anything abstract. Once you filled the whole page with the patterns, color the pattern with your favorite colors, to make it that much more impactful and memorable. Most importantly, enjoy the process and feel the gratitude as though what you want is already with you.

Here is a few phrases and patterns I recently created.

Patterns on the images below are based on TV Show “Extant” inspired coloring pattern.

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Did you try this pattern?

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