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Hearts, Stars, and Diamonds are Forever Mandala

Valentines Day Coloring Project

Even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s day it’s hard not to notice that this day is usually filled with hearts. Heart-shaped cards, heart-shaped boxes, balloons and other heart-themed imagery.

When I see a heart shape I remember an image I’ve seen in one of the books that talks about human energy field, also known as aura. When energy fields of two human beings in love intersect, it forms a union energy field which has a shape of a heart. I find this really interesting. So whatever your reasons are it would only be natural to create something heart-y on this day. In our case a heart-themed coloring pattern.

For this project, I’ve selected a square dot grid. I’ve played around with triangle and square grids and found that square grid creates a better shape heart. Here is what I came up with. I’ve started with 4 heart shapes in the center and filled out the rest of the space with other shapes that I felt like using to fill up the entire page. I named it “Hearts, Stars, and Diamonds Are Forever Mandala” because why not. It’s a page-filler pattern so you can pick any size square or rhombic dot grid page for this projects. Also, you can have multiple mandalas per page, if you use a full-size page rather than a smaller note!

Grid pages to use this project

Rhombic Dot (8.5” x 11” page)


Square Dot (8.5” x 11” page)


Square and Rhombic Dot Notes
(4 3¾ x 3¾ notes on A4 format, 8.5×11 inches)


Step by step drawing

This pattern is somewhat unusual compared to other patterns I’ve created previously. However, just like all the other patterns on this website I usually go for repetition and symmetry. So let me walk you through my creative process. The idea was to create a coloring pattern with heart-shaped elements. So I started by drawing 4 hearts in the center of my grid.

Now that we have 4 basic heart-shaped elements. Let’s make them a little more interesting, by adding details inside of each shape. Otherwise, it looks too simple and it won’t be interesting to color. With more complex shapes it would be easier to come up with some fun coloring designs.

Now that we have something a little more interesting let’s fill out the rest of the grid. I would usually just continue with adding elements that are already sort of there. The heart shapes, for example, have little corners in them that look like a part a rhomb (or a square shape rotated 45 degrees) let’s add rhombic shape to all 4 hearts. Once we have that down, let’s also make these elements more interesting by adding an inside detail.

Now let’s see what else we can do. I can see an element that I know from another pattern, so let’s add that one too.

Now, the corners look a little empty, so let’s feel them up. I’ve tried a few variations of filling out the rest of the grid.  Check out coloring ideas section for slightly different versions of the finished pattern.

Finally, let’s add border around the pattern to have a finished look. This is it. Using this approach you can create all kinds of patterns. Try this pattern and I am sure it will inspire you to create your own.

Coloring ideas

This Pattern on Instagram

Did you try this pattern?

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