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Draw Patterns in Bullet Journal

Square dot grid discovery happened one rainy day when I lost myself in an art supplies store. I was browsing through journals and notebooks which I really enjoy doing imagining what this or that notebook would be good for, what kind of thoughts, dreams, and stories could be written or drawings created in them and there it was a cute little red journal with the inspirational phrase on the cover and the square dot grid pages inside.

I did not know about the bulleted journal phenomena back then so I was like, hey, that’s perfect! I print these things at home and bind them into a rather bulky album (with whatever home binding system I managed to get) and this journal is a perfect size and I can carry it around with me all the time! I looked around for a similar journal with the triangle grid or dot pages (that’s what I only used back then) but did not find any and decided that it’s a perfect opportunity to try a new grid.

Ideas for the bullet journal

  • Use bullet journal for page filler pattern drawing and coloring

Did you try this pattern?

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