“Double Basic” Coloring Pattern


~To draw this pattern download and print the grid page, grab a black pen or pencil then watch step-by-step instructional video and just follow along.

`To color this pattern check out sample color combinations and designs below the video!

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girl_artist_new_topThis pattern is a variation of previously posted pattern “Basic Pinwheel” Coloring Pattern.

The difference is a Canvas page grid size – “Pinwheel Basic” pattern is created on Large Grid and “Double Basic” Pattern is created on Small Grid. On the picture below notice how Basic Pinwheel pattern single shape spans across 2 grid triangles. For Double basic it’s 4 grid triangles that makes enough room to draw another shape inside the larger shape.

You can try this technique for any pattern to create more complex patterns. Visit Grid Downloads page to see different sizes of grid page. Draw this pattern on a Small Grid Canvas Page.


step by step

Sample coloring designs

Need coloring ideas?
Check out these designs and color combinations.
Click thumbnails below to view full size image.

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