Using natural symmetry of the pattern
to create beautiful coloring designs

How to use natural symmetry of Geomegic patterns to color with 3 colors. This also works well for any repeatable patterns or mandalas.

Part 2 – Coloring With 3 Colors

read Part 1 – Coloring With 2 Colors

3 styles of coloring with 3 colors.

Style #1 – Alternate 3 colors

Color every other piece with different color

Style #2 – Color 2 consecutive pieces with the same color

Color the first half with one color and the second half with the other color.

Style #3 – Use 3 (or more) colors for the whole pattern

Consider your entire pattern as a single piece and use 3 or more colors to color different parts of the pattern.
Example: Outer pieces with 1 color, inner pieces with 2 other colors.


Put it all together

Mix and match 2 color designs and 3 color designs to come up with different styles and variations

Coloring_Methods_3Color_Design00 Coloring_Methods_3Color_Design02 Coloring_Methods_3Color_Design03
Basic Pinwheel Coloring Pattern – 3 color design

The examples above are based on a “Basic Pinwheel” coloring pattern, follow the link to learn how to draw this pattern and see some other coloring designs.

This pattern is also available in high quality printable coloring page in our Free Coloring Pattern eBook that you can download by clicking here.

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