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Coloring Geometric patterns – 2 Color Designs

Here are a few ideas how to use the natural symmetry of the pattern to color Geomegic patterns with just 2 colors.

Using natural symmetry of the pattern
to create beautiful coloring designs

Part 1 – Coloring With 2 Colors



Geomegic patterns are created with the help of a grid page. Triangle grid, for example, consists of equilateral triangles that also make up a hexagon shape if you put 6 triangles together. Knowing this, we can play around with a few different ways to color the patterns.

3 styles of coloring with 2 colors.


Style #1 – Alternate 2 colors

Color every other piece with a different color


Style #2 – Color half and half

Color the first half with one color and the second half with the other color.


Style #3 – Use different element as a starting point

On the examples above we were starting at the topmost piece and going counter-clockwise.
You can start coloring from any piece and go clockwise or counterclockwise.


Put it all together

So when coloring a full pattern you can mix and match these coloring styles and come up with the different design every time. Isn’t that fun?!

Basic Pinwheel Coloring Pattern – 2 color design

The examples above are based on a “Basic Pinwheel” coloring pattern, follow the link to learn how to draw this pattern and see some other coloring designs.

This pattern is also available in high-quality printable coloring page in our Free Coloring Pattern eBook that you can download by clicking here.

In part 2 we’ll talk about how to use the natural symmetry of the grid to color with 3 colors.  Stay tuned!

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