Can’t concentrate? Don’t have time? Here is a tip!

Quick coloring project taking just 10-15 minutes can be a great solution if you can’t concentrate or stay focused for prolonged periods of time. Or maybe you just don’t have a lot of time but still, want to do a finished project. So instead of doing a full-page pattern, you can do a smaller size project. I’ve been really enjoying these coloring “quickies” lately so I thought I’d share it with you.

I got this idea sort of by accident. I happened to have a box of white square notes that I use to try out different pattern ideas or color combinations to see if there is anything interesting in them. After a while, I realized that I really love these quick projects on their own. They are quick and fun, do not take a lot of time or require too much effort. I have quite a collection of them right now.

To simplify a task for you – chances are you do not have these same small paper notes (I myself fear I will run out of them soon!) – I’ve created a couple of printable pdf files with various smaller, note-size grids. You can find them together with other grid pages at downloads page and here they are as well.

Notes (NEW!)

(4 3¾ x 3¾ notes on A4 format, 8.5×11 inches)

Triangle Dot and Grid Notes


Square and Rhombic Dot Notes


Project ideas for smaller size grids

Any patterns on this website can be turned into a quick coloring project. Below is the gallery with various patterns that were created on the smaller size grid page.

More project ideas

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